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A large gallery update today, with 21 new pics from the record launch gig at the Bierkeller.

The last Band Diary update of the year has been added.
There will be some new updates to the site over the coming weeks, including a paypal link for the shop (and updated stuff in the shop as well). Some new images added to the gallery and a complete revamp of the downloads section.

I've also had to change a few image links due to people pinching our bandwidth...grrrr...just ask us please!

A new Band Diary update has been added detailing the release of the long awaited Terra Mama Album!
The Album artwork has been added to the gallery page and wallpaper page.

Another gig at the Bike n' Hound has been added for the 1st October to replace the one at the Railway Inn, which has been postponed.

A couple of new gigs. One at the Retro Bar in Manchester next week, the other at the Railway Inn in October.

A new Band Diary update has been added along with some minor site fixes.

New images on the gallery page and I've added Jon's bio.

Last time I mentioned the Altrincham Festival was postponed until August. I've just been told it's now been cancelled. SSR are however playing at The Wheatsheaf in Altrincham on Thursday 11th August instead.

Saturday 16th at the Witchwood, click here to download and print the admission flier!
The Altrincham Festival has been postponed until August. I'll have the new date for you A.S.A.P.

The Band Diary has been updated and there is a new Gig at the Witchwood on the 16th July.

Some of you may have noticed that the site was down for a couple of's back now =-)
A new Gig has been added for July at the Altrincham Festival. Expect an update to the band dairy and band pages during the week as well.

Some new pictures added to the Gallery.

A Witchwood Gig has been added for May with Spike.

Well this is quite a big update...for starters:
SSR has a new bass player! So go a read the Band Diary if you haven't already.
There is one new gig in September. Go see the Gig Guide.
A new link has been added for Ighten Leigh.
Lots of small changes to the site (including adding a new bass player page...but for the moment it is just a place holder, and sorting out some other bits that needed doing).

The Band Diary has been updated.

Some new gigs added for July, August and October.

The Reviews page is up.

The 2005 Gig Listing are up (expect this to be updated throughout the year as new gigs are added!), the 2004 Band Diaries have been archived and I've started the new reviews page (which should be done later this week!!)

Happy New Year all...updated the Band Diary page (Michaels turn this month!).
I am planning to update the Gig Guide and various other pages over the next week or so, so keep checking back.

Carls turn at the Band Diary.
October and Septembers have been moved to the Band Diary Archive.

Updated the Links page. Added Tarmark, 40,000 Volts and Voltmark Reviews who recently reviewed Stone Sole River III & Tangents. Go and have a look.

Another update for the Band Diary, this time (and for the first time!) by Lee.

SSR has been given it's own radio show throughout November, check out the updated Band Diary for further details!

Drum roll...
Junes Pure Radio Interview has finally been added to the Music & Interviews page!!
The 43Mb interview has been split into 5 parts (including the two live acoustic songs). The Led Zeppelin and Loreena McKennitt songs Michael and Carl introduce had to be edited out though due to copyrights...but that'll give you all a good excuse to go and track them down for yourselves!!
A new gig has been added at the Witchwood in November, and SSR's next gig will be the Albert Hall in Bolton with Wishbone Ash on the 14th, and I for one, am looking forward to it.

It's Band Diary update time.
Michael talks about some holiday hijinks and the run up to the long awaited Album among other things!
On the gig front, there is only one addition (the reason why there are so few this autumn is explained in the diary), which will be at the end of November at the The Railway.
On the site front, I've finally got around to adding a new wallpaper (the first with the new logo).
I'm still waiting for the Pure Radio Interview I promised you a while ago to get back to me (slight editing problem!)...oh and Carl's stag do and wedding were both great, so expect some new pictures for the gallery when I see Michael next.

I've only been able to add the Out Takes from June's Pure Radio Interview to the Music & Interviews page, but it is well worth the download, just to find out what the first record Carl bought was!!
Speaking of Carl, it's his stag night tonight, so merriment and alcohol await!

Since July was a bit quiet website wise I will be updating the Music & Interviews page with June's Pure Radio Interview sometime later this week to get August off to a good start and if I get chance, I'll add a few new wallpapers with the bands new logo.

Updated Michael's and Lee's band pages with their new equipment and updated the gig guide.

We're baaack!!
Due to a slight problem with the domain name (which has thankfully been sorted) the site has been down for just over two weeks. All email accounts are working again, but anything sent over the past fortnight will not have been received (including all the spam mail I so luv reading!).

Well, as you can no doubt tell, the site has been given a major facelift over the course of the downtime (both Michael and myself were getting a little bit bored with grey...we'll probably get just as bored with blue in a bit, but ho hum!!).
I've coded the entire site from the ground up, new graphics and a cool little image changer under the site menu that should switch between pictures of Michael, Carl & Lee. The site is also a bit more graphic intensive than the last version, but not as nearly as much as it could have been!
As with all websites, this is a work in progress, so any bugs, gremlins or other problems with the site you may find can be reported to me at where I will fix them asap.

Actual site updates include June's Band Diary and the Gig Guide has been trimmed to June onwards.

Tidied up the gig guide and added some more dates.

Updated the gig guide.

March's Message from the Band has been uploaded to the Updates Page, with January's message being moved to the Band Diary page.
Updated the gig guide and added page 3 to the Gallery with a few shots from Decembers Riffathon 2003 featuring Jimmy Page and Bryan May!.

A new gig has been added for April (Mountain Dew in Atherton).

A new gig for June has been added at the Witchwood with Medicine Hat.
The CD page has been changed around and is now The Shop. As usual, if you would like to buy anything please send us an email to

A new gig for February has been added (busy month!) and the Wishbone Ash gig in April has been confirmed at 13 in advance.

Finally been able to upload the Pure Radio interview from November 2003. At just short of 10 minutes long, it weighs in at 9.04 Mb so if you are on a dial up modem it may take a while to download (sorry!)...but it's worth it as you will not only find out where the band got its name (and the candelabra story!), but also included is a live version of Upon Weathered Sands performed by Michael and Carl.
More Interviews will be uploaded when I get them!
I've moved the Downloads section which used to be on the side under the Site Map to its own page. The main link is on the site map.

The first update of the new year! Hope you have all recovered!
New message from the band has been added, some new gigs added (and a general tidy up of the Gig Guide), six new pics added to page 2 of the Gallery and some new links.
The download section is going to be revamped during the week with the Pure Radio interview and a new song to be uploaded so check back soon.

New gig added for the Boardwalk in Sheffield on 31st January.

Due to Michael making the final of the the Riffathon 2003 on the 20th December, the Thatch House gig has been postponed. The Riffathon 2003 final will be held in Gilford ( secret!!) where he'll be playing a Jimmy Page number in front of Jimmy Page!!!
Oh, and I've added a few festive touches to the site!!

Novembers Message from the Band has been uploaded to the Updates Page, with Septembers message being moved to the Band Diary page.
Updated the gig guide with a number of gigs at SSR's regular haunts through to August. As usual, more dates will be added throughout the year.

New gig added for the Boardwalk in Sheffield on 13th December.

The Bike n' Hound gig on 8th November has been postponed.

Stone Sole River will be live on BBC GMR & Radio Lancashire on Saturday 18th (that's this weekend!). Tune in to find out whats happening.

The Karnataka gig at the Boardwalk has been replaced with a new gig on the 16th November.
Updated the Links page.

Two new gigs at the Boardwalk in Sheffield have been added for November.
Updated the Links page.

A new gig has been added for Sunday 21st (that's this coming Sunday!) at the Boardwalk in Sheffield. Tickets are priced at 12.50

Fourth update this week!! Updated Michaels equipment page (follow The Band link) with all his new (and old) toys.

The full MP3 of Upon Weathered Sands has been uploaded. This song is also available on Stone Sole River II.
Added a link to Mountain (who are playing with SSR at the Life Cafe on the 18th)
Please note that if you sent any emails to us between the 8th & 10th and have not received a reply by the 12th it may have have been lost during the recent server change. If you would like to resend the email we'll get back to you as soon as possible.

Septembers Message from the Band has been uploaded to the Updates Page, with Junes message being moved to the Band Diary page.
Some new links added and updated price for 24th December at the Globe and Life Cafe entries on gig guide.

New gig for 24th December at the Globe.

Updated the gig listings with 8 new dates (September to December). Added links to Bike N' Hound and The Haights.

Added a new site navigation menu, plus 8 new wallpapers (each with 800x600 or 1024x768 resolutions) in the download section.

Updated the gig listings with 3 new dates (September/October).

Updated the Links page with links to several band sites that SSR has played with.

Tidied up the Gigs page and corrected a few other things. I will update the Links page next week.

Junes Message from the Band has been uploaded to the Updates Page, with Aprils message being moved to the Band Diary page.

Added 12th July gig at Witchwood with Rainbow Rising (Richie Blackmore's Rainbow Tribute).

Corrected date for June's Bike and Hound gig (Friday 13th!!)

As you can see, the site has been given a little bit of a re-vamp, which should improve load times and make it considerably easier for me to update!
Speaking of which, the Gig Guide, CD, Updates (message from the band) and Band Diary pages have all been updated with new information.

Added April gigs to the Gig Guide.
Upstairs @ The Globe on Saturday 29th March postponed until Saturday 26th April.
Corrected Witchwood gig date!!

New message from the band added, Band Diary updated.

New Gig listings uploaded.

Another acoustic set has been added for Sunday 24th November at the Globe in Glossop. Onstage at 3pm.

Another new Gig added for 30th November.