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MAY 2008

Well hello out there, it has been a while sorry for the delay, got quite a shock when I looked and saw the last update was December! Quite where the last few months have gone I have no idea... well actually I do, weve been locked away in our rehearsal room writing, grafting and hammering out a raft of new songs. Pleased to report things are shaping up very nicely indeed!

Weve not been heavily gigging so far this year except for a short stint playing the re-rescheduled gigs with Fish which went really well, so much so weve scored another tour later on this year around November time! It was great hooking up with Fish, his band and crew, everyone was on top form and having the last blow out at what had been a very long tour. As some of you may know these gigs had been rescheduled after Frank Usher, Fishs long time guitar player, suffered a heart attack in the December, pleased to say he made a full recovery and by the time we hooked up with them in March he was on top form, an amazing guitar player and all round stand up guy! Cant wait till Novemeber to get back on the road with the guys and also to hook up with some of our new fans that had bought our albums, the crowds and support was great, many thanks to all the people we got chance to meet and chat with!

Also as a pre cursor to the Fish tour we played at the 20th Annual Burnley International Blues Festival. It was a really good gig if not for the stage being some what on the small side... We found it a little tight being a three piece but had been assured theyd had a twelve piece band with full horn section on the previous year, I can only imagine where the trumbone player managed to fit his instrument... ahem?! As it turned out we managed just fine and played a great gig to a very appreciative crowd, thanks to the organisers for inviting us along, hopefully well be back onboard next year.

Other things on the horizon see us opening for Joe Bonamassa at a one off gig hes playing at the Liverpool Academy in July. The band went along to see him in Manchester a few weeks back and have a catch up with everyone from the previous tour wed supported on, so while we were there we arranged with Joe to open for him again. Hes over in the UK for a one off festival date and added Liverpool to make it a little more worth while. Should be one of the highlight gigs of the year!

We open The 5 Daze in May festival at our favourite local venue The Moon and Sixpence on May 14th. It should be a great festival going by last years event, featuring some of the best bands from in and around Manchester as well as further afield. Details of the festival and line up can be found on our myspace site with links through to The Moon and Sixpences website. It really will be a very dazed 5 days!

All gig details can be found on the gig guide, if you need more info about anything to do with band just drop us an email and well get back to you. As it stands now more touring gigs will be added throughout the year and well be pulling all the new material together and start recording in a few months for a new album later this year. As always thanks for your continued support and well see you out there!

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